Argosy Halo.G

Workspace Furniture
for Screen Based
Digital Media

Argosy Halo.G
Workstation Furniture

AID can supply the full range of Argosy technical furniture with several console models, racks, speaker stands and accessories suitable for all media production environments.

An evolution in technology created the need for more application-specific design.

The days of generic desks, and stands has passed. In 1994, ARGOSY introduced the first console enclosure designed to integrate the revolutionary Mackie 8.bus analog mixer.

From that moment on, Argosy has grown this approach to define the category of studio furniture.


Halo.G is the first of it’s kind ARGOSY workstation that reaches beyond technical furniture into a new realm: specialty furniture designed for any screen based digital media environment.

Halo.G gives you complete control and access with a perfectly sized desktop in an ideal format. It’s angled design is perfect for placing you in the center of the creative sphere with a full length padded armrest and powder-coated components.

HALO: Lighter. Faster. Better.

  • Sculptured Padded Armrest
  • Powder-coated Steel Legs with Floor Levelers
  • Extruded Aluminum Chassis Rail
  • Length: 79.7″ – Depth: 35.5″
  • Height: 28.7″ (fixed) or 28.7″ to 44.8″ (electric)


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  • Standard or Sit Stand Powered Legs
  • Plus Accessory Package – Includes Halo G Workstation, Accessory Tray, & 2 Single Monitor Arms
  • Ultimate Accessory Package – Includes Halo G Workstation, 2 Single Monitor Arms, Model 160 Speaker Mounts, Accessory Tray, & CPU Shelf
  • See accessories in the gallery at the bottom of the page
Halo Standard Legs Base
Halo Standard Legs Ultimate
Halo Accessories
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